Dr. Jan Ellison
Janice Ellison, DOM

JANICE DALE ELLISON is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, acupuncturist, and Master level neurological integration practitioner with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Ellison's educational credentials include a Master of Science of Oriental Medicine, International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico; a private Invitational Tutorial at the Institute after earning her Masters; Invitational Internship at the prestigious Guang An Men Hospital in Beijing, China (the first such internship ever to be offered to a non-Chinese and the only American to be invited to participate at such an intimate level of knowledge exchange); Certification from the World Health Organization (WHO) for her internship at Guang An Men Hospital; Diplomat in Acupuncture, National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, U.S.; Doctor of Oriental Medicine license held with the State of New Mexico; Acupuncture License held with the State of Hawai'i; Certification in the study of medicinal quality essential oils from the University of Ege, Izmir, Turkey. Dr. Ellison is also the senior practitioner in the Northern Hemisphere in the study of neurological integration with Neurolink Global.

In the ancient Chinese tradition, Dr. Ellison employs the integrative use of essential oils, herbal formulas, music, art, specific nutrients, passion and aesthetics to initiate balance and well-being in her patients. As one of America's most esteemed Doctors of Oriental Medicine, her Hawai'i-based practice enjoys a clientele which includes names of notoriety as well as locals from her beloved village of Kohala, ranging in age from infants to persons well over ninety years.

Prior to entering the study and practice of energy medicines, Jan participated in corporate America as an executive in the world of international consulting in the field of quality management. Her multiple awards and accolades during this time faded in comparison to significant milestones she achieved during her internship at Guang An Men Hospital. There she was commanded to treat prominent government officials on several occasions due to her outstanding grasp and practical application of Chinese medicine principals, and received an official Chinese name given to her by the hospital as a symbol of the people's appreciation for her healing talents: Zhu Hui Hua. Zhu was the surname of the most beloved Premier in all of Chinese history, and Hui translates to a good harvest while Hua means flower blossom.

Additionally, Jan's healing wisdom benefitted many during her indigenous experiences in the Philippines during 1987 and 1988, from the Northern Luzon fishing villages and the rice terraces of the Bagio region, to the Olongapo Subic Bay Area. While she continues to financially support two orphanages in the Philippines, she is delighted to also be at home with the large, local Philippine community on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

Dr. Ellison's desire to combine the principles of quantum physics with the mind-body connections to overall well-being, has led her to further scientific reviews and implementations of advanced healing technologies together with superior-blended, synergistic nutraceutical products within her dynamic patient practices.

Jan Ellison's continuing commitment to environmental stewardship remains strong with her many charitable causes. Likewise, the divine inter-connectedness of all life on the planet has been made clearly evident with her ongoing communications and healing sessions with dolphins in the wild, and her long-standing work with a wide variety of equine projects.